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Things in the Baker household haven't gone well this past year, and Angie's attitude is beginning to show it. As the family deals with a sudden lack of money and ill cheer, a freak household accident will leave Angie blind but will open her heart.

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Beth Wynn’s life is a mess. Her current boyfriend scatters at the mention of marriage. Then her job is on the line, and unless she can improve her sales quota by the new year, she’ll be unemployed. To throw one last dagger into her life, her mother breaks the news that she is facing a potentially deadly illness. What Beth needs is a Christmas miracle. A desperate call from a friend could just turn her life around, if she opens her heart and mind, which is not an easy thing to do for Beth. With the clock racing against time, Beth needs to learn to trust her friends and learn to have a little faith.

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Doctor Lauren Spencer can't seem to find the Christmas spirit, but when a terrible accident calls for her skills to save a woman, she and a small community learn what it's like to come together and capture the true spirit of Christmas
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Annette and Bobby Spencer are a hard-working couple who has delayed parenting until they were at the top of the ladder. Now it's time to start a family, but after four miscarriages, they are devastated to discover that due to medical reasons, it's highly unlikely they will bring a child to term. With only a few weeks until Christmas, Annette can't even think of yuletide greetings when all she really wants is a child.


Wyatt and Jolene are madly in love and are committed to building a strong family. However, after five years of routine life, Jolene discovers Wyatt is hiding a secret that will split their family apart. As Jolene struggles with the betrayal, Wyatt must learn what’s most important to him.

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